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Bees are a Protected Species

As a Bee Keeper, I Try to Help the Situation

In many parts of the country bees are starting to die off therefore bees now have protected status. We help the situation by taking my beehives every spring and “splitting” them to make more hives. We use the splits to both increase our personal inventory of hives as well as to help others become beekeepers.

Bees in the eaves or walls of homes


The quickest way is to treat the hive, to eliminate the bees. This is okay, but, if the hive has been there more than 3 to 4 weeks there is going to be a lot of hive (honey comb with pollen, brood and honey) left behind. This is a potential issue because it attracts ants, roaches, mice, squirrels and other critters that like honey. So we recommend full hive removal after the treatment. Removal of the bee hive, if done properly, should prevent any new bee colonies from moving back in to that location ever again.

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From Our Founder

I Genuinely Love What I Do

I love to help people deal with their bee problem and if they want, I can even relocate their bees from their eave or wall into a commercial hive and place them on their property so they can have their own bees to raise and harvest some of their honey.